D is for Depression: Spiritual, psychological and medical sources for healing depression

Michael Lawson

Christian Focus Publications

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Depression seems to be everywhere. You all know someone who suffers from it - you may yourself? It has become such a part of the psychological landscape that it can be met with cynicism, or indifference, which is a problem - because Depression does exist - and people suffering from it need help. The concept of D is for depression' is what makes it immensely valuable. It is a self-help book about getting better - a resource for those who suffer, or who are close to someone who does. The content of D is for depression' is to be trusted because it has already been translated and read across the world - appearing on university and theological college reading lists. It is substantially based upon Michael's earlier book, Facing Depression. A book widely used by individuals, churches and in the training of those seeking professional skills to help others. There are not many books that deal credibly with depression from both a Biblical and medical scientific angle. The absence of either leaves you with a less than holistic guide. This is one of the best of such books. Wonder whether this book can be of help to you? If so, read it, understand better what depression is, and then move on to some of the practical exercises. That will show whether or not medical help is needed. The vast majority of sufferers from depression do get better. If you are a sufferer, or a helper of others (informally or professionally) then D is for depression' will help you win through. .