David's Son and David's Lord


Evangelical Press

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The Introduction to this book includes these words: One of the greatest needs of the church in every age is to contemplate, know, and love the glory of Christ in order to promote the spread of the gospel and the holiness of God s people. Yet this all-encompassing vision of Jesus Christ in Christian faith and life is not always common and it is often missing today. One book cannot be expected to meet all the needs of the church in the vital area of Christology, but these essays (originally given at the 2018 Spring Theology Conference at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary) provide pastors and church members with the key ideas surrounding the person of Christ. This is no isolated academic exercise. The editors rightly say: As the Puritan Isaac Ambrose (1604 1664) wrote, The most excellent subject to discourse or write of, is Jesus Christ ... Indeed all we say is but unsavory, if it be not seasoned with this salt. Jesus Christ is also the most excellent subject to read and to prayerfully savor and meditate on. Doing so is the true path to the blessedness of the world to come and of joy and personal holiness in this life. Every glimpse we have of Christ on earth brings heaven down to us so that we might long to appear in heaven where Christ is seated. Prayerfully reading these chapters will enrich your mind and provide many glimpses of Christ that will increase your longing for him. The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals and Evangelical Press are pleased to be in partnership in bringing this vital book to the widest possible audience.

  • Paperback
  • 229 pages
  • Oct 2019
  • 9781783972609