Dawning of Redemption

Ian Vailancourt


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When starting a new Bible-reading plan, many readers begin enthusiastically in Genesis but then lose momentum when they encounter the Old Testament laws and genealogies. But the Pentateuch—the first five books of the Bible—has much to offer today’s Christian; it is the foundation for understanding the rest of the Bible, pointing forward to the coming Savior, Jesus Christ, in profound ways. 

In this accessible book, Ian J. Vaillancourt offers readers a helpful introduction to the Pentateuch as the essential first act in the Bible’s grand story of redemption. The chapters cover the whole of Genesis through Deuteronomy, examining themes such as creation, salvation, genealogies, and biblical covenants. Each chapter concludes with discussion questions, making this book a useful resource for individuals or groups who are looking to dive deeper into biblical study. 

  • Ideal for the Thoughtful Christian: Written for those looking for tools on how to read the Bible as Christocentric, such as Bible students and laypeople looking to dive deeper into God’s word
  • Gospel Oriented: Written in light of gospel fulfillment in Christ and current applications for the church
  • For Individual or Group Study: Each chapter ends in discussion questions, perfect for individuals or groups who are looking to dive deeper into biblical study
  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Nov. 2022
  • 9781433581229