Deep Roots, Good Fruit

Kristin Couch

The Good Book Company

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What does the fruit of the Spirit look like in everyday life, and how can we become the people the Holy Spirit calls us to be? 

Author Kristin Elizabeth Couch invites you to explore the fruit of the Spirit through captivating stories of people she"s known: there"s a father who goes missing in a snowstorm; a boss who shouts like a drill sergeant; a neighbor with a refrigerator full of eggs; and Grandpa, who smells of Old Spice!

By combining memorable stories with rich meditations on Scripture, Kristin encourages us to see that God is at work even in life"s mundane moments, and that although our growth may seem slow, in the Spirit"s power we really can become more like Jesus. 

As you reflect on the fruit of the Spirit, you will long for it more deeply, pray for it more fervently, and see afresh how the Spirit is at work in your own life and the lives of others. Put deep roots into God"s word and enjoy bearing more and more of his good fruit.


151 pages