Does God Listen to Rap Music?: Christians and the World's Most Controversial Music

Curtis AllenOwen Strachan

Cruciform Press

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Rap has sinful roots. Borne out of a culture of crime, drugs, violence, and racism, it often promotes a depraved lifestyle. Can something so closely associated with so much evil be redeemed for God's glory? Curtis 'Voice' Allen is no stranger to these questions. His early life reads similar to that of many other rappersa life of violence and crime that almost sent him to prison. But God intervened in his story, and he's now a pastor. And a rapper. As a Christian, should he abandon the art form he previously embraced? As he continued to defend rap, he began to wonder if his critics were correct. 'I realized I needed something a little deeper to hold onto. I really wanted to know how rapor any music, for that mattercan glorify God. Realizing my position was too biblifical (biblically superficial), I decided to start from scratch.' In Does God Listen to Rap? Christians and the World's Most Controversial Music, Allen doesn't take these concerns lightly. He interweaves his personal story, the history of rap music, and scriptural application to examine the role of rapand other forms of artistic expressionin the life of a Christian. This is more than just an apologetic for rap music, this is a biblical way to think about how Christians can be in the world yet not of the world, and how they can express themselves to the glory of God.