Duty and Blessing of a Tender Conscience

Timothy Cruso

Northampton Press

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It has been said that many of those in mental hospitals could leave quickly if they could feel that they were forgiven. Who knows the damage done by a sense of guilt or unresolved conflict? In this rare Puritan treatise, available only in lithograph form from the 1691 edition, and now available in modern reprint for the first time, Timothy Cruso deals with what it is to have a tender heart, how God brings it about, the evidences of it, and why it finds favor with God. Also appendixed are five additional sermons by this Puritan preacher. Acquint yourself with Cruso. He is well worth knowing!

  • Pages: 141
  • Type: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9781732155015
  • Published: April, 2019