Getting to Grips with Prayer

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There are many books on the topic of prayer, and great saints (in the Protestant sense) have published great works on this important subject, so why another book? Prayer is so many-faceted in its essence, structure and mode that it is worthy of continual study. The priesthood of all believers is taught in the Scriptures, and praying well is perhaps a missing part of the whole picture of evangelical blessings, joy and Christian growth. We all need help in this area, and this book is an attempt to find and understand those elements of prayer that come together to complete the golden cord that reaches heaven.

About the Author:

Ian S. McNaughton was born in Scotland and came to Christ when nineteen years old. He was called into the Christian ministry after studying Theology in Edinburgh. He gained a Masters in Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in 2005. Although he retired from full-time pastoral ministry in 2013, he continues to preach and write, and has authored several books, all published by Day One. He is a director and vice-chairman of Barnabas Fund. He is married to Violet and has one son.