The Gift: What if Christmas Gave You What You've Always Wanted

Glen Scrivener

The Good Book Company

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Nothing beats the feeling of giving, or receiving, the perfect gift.

The most meaningful gifts we receive make us feel known, loved and valued. And when we give a gift like that, it's like we're putting ourselves in our present. And at Christmas, that's exactly what God did.

This light-hearted and lively book explores how our gift-giving traditions give us a glimpse of a giving God. Evangelist Glen Scrivener helps readers to celebrate the gift of life in a world brimming with beauty, before taking us to John 3:16 to unwrap the Christmas gift that can give us what we've always wanted, and what we really need.

  • Paperback
  • 53 pages
  • Sept 2019
  • 9781784983741