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Few things equal the excitement of a child receiving gifts. What do those brightly-colored parcels contain? Are the presents something we really want, or merely things we will feel the need to be polite about? Even in adulthood, the excitement persists; the excitement of not knowing and of discovery.

Such gifts, though, often end in disappointment. They prove to be without any practical use, or to be fragile and unable to last. Or, often, just to be something we never really wanted at all. 

The greatest gift ever given was given by God, the gift of his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Perfectly tailored by God to meet the greatest need we all have, yet God's great gift is still largely ignored or misunderstood by mankind. In this little booklet, Gary Benfold sets out to show why we should take God's gift of Jesus seriously.  What is so special about this gift and why is it still important, two thousand years later? He answers these questions by looking at the three questions we all have in mind when we open a new present: who is it from? What does it do? How much did it cost? These important questions are opened up from the Bible itself, and lead to a compelling argument for taking Jesus seriously.

About the Author

Gary has been minister at Moordown since 1997 after spending seventeen years as minister of a church in Buckinghamshire. He has a passion for explaining the Bible and its relevance to believers and unbelievers alike and tries to do so in a clear and jargon-free manner. He says, ‘I know that Jesus Christ is Lord of the universe and answers the deepest needs of people’s hearts and souls. We all need forgiveness, acceptance and certainty; only Jesus truly gives those things.’