The Heart is the Target: Reaching Practical Application from Every Text

Murray Capill


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God's Word is powerful, and when preached clearly and applied pertinently it can change lives. Yet preaching does not always have this impact; preachers concerned merely with teaching information can leave congregations unmoved, and those who sacrifice substance for relevance skimp on the power of the text. To truly change those who hear it, preaching must blend biblical faithfulness and insightful application together. Murray Capill helps all preachers who want to change lives to make their preaching wholly applicable, avoiding the pitfalls of tacked-on application. He takes preachers through the living application preaching processmoving the Word of God, via the life of the preacher, to the lives of the hearersand gives them the tools to systematically explore the application potential of any text. He himself applies this teaching to any preacher's situation by showing how it works out in some of the specific challenges and situations of preaching.
  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • 9781596388413
  • 2014