Incomparable Christ: Exploring the Wonders of Jesus

Timothy Cross

Day One Publications

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The uniqueness of the Christian faith stems from the uniqueness of the Person at the heart of the Christian faith: the Lord Jesus Christ.  As an historical figure, the Lord Jesus Christ is incomparable.  He is in a category all of His own. As this
book explores the wonder of Jesus it will increase your appreciation of Him and
stoke the fires of your devotion to Him.  It is because Christ is who He is that He
is able to do what He does, and bestow on the believer the greatest blessing of
all: the eternal salvation of God.

About the Author:

Timothy Cross is the author of over thirty Christian books and numerous articles in Christian periodicals. He is a gospel preacher and Bible teacher of many years’ standing.  His life’s passions include biblical languages, physical exercise, the
British seaside and cats. He has been awarded two honorary Doctorates of Sacred Literature for his written ministry.
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