Instructions to the Afflicted

Nathanael Emmons

International Outreach

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Instructions to the Afflicted by Nathanael Emmons. Who among us has not experienced bereavement, suffering, affliction, or distress? None who have lived very long in this world can claim to be exempt. How many will never experience the death of a loved one and the pain which comes with it? Although many live in the world as if they shall never die, how many will ultimately cheat the shrouded figure of death? Will you? The sermons in this book are unlike anything you will hear from the pulpit today, regardless of the circumstances. They deal with all aspects of affliction and suffering; but unlike the presumptions of men, they begin with a sovereign God who determines all things; therefore, there is a reasonableness to them founded upon the word of God.
This book contains 38 sermons on bereavement, affliction, and suffering. Some of the sermons are: Death Without Order, Burdens Cast Upon God, Benefit of Afflictions, Divine Providence Incomprehensible, Every One Disposed to Think His Afflictions Peculiarly Severe, Death in Early Life, Expectation of Long Life Unwise, A Warning to Youth, The Troubles of Life Divinely Appointed, and many others

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