Isaiah: The Holy One of Israel (Sarah Ivill Bible Study)

Sarah Ivill

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Words swirl around us and opinions are expressed with little thought and less humility. Can you imagine posting, “Woe is me! For I am lost; for I am a [woman] of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips; for my eyes have seen the King, the LORD of hosts!” (Isa. 6:5)?

Studying the book of Isaiah is a great place to start to learn humility. Isaiah uses “holy” to describe God more than all the other Old Testament books combined and then reveals a way that God can make us holy - because Christ’s humility leads to our holiness.

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Table of Contents: 

Introduction to Isaiah                                                                         

Lesson 1: The Lord Confronts, Consoles, and Condemns (Isaiah 1-5)                                                           

Lesson 2: The Holy Lord Sends (Isaiah 6-12)                         

Lesson 3: The Lord of Hosts Reigns (Isaiah 13-27)                 

Lesson 4: A Remnant Will Be Redeemed (Isaiah 28-35)                                            

Lesson 5: In Whom Do You Now Trust? (Isaiah 36-37)                                             

Lesson 6: Deliverance and Declaration (Isaiah 38-39)

Lesson 7: The Lord Who Comforts (Isaiah 40:1-44:23)

Lesson 8: The Superior Servant (Isaiah 44:24-55:13)

Lesson 9: The Lord Sanctifies His People (Isaiah 56:1-59:13)

Lesson 10: The Covenant-Keeper and Crimson-Conqueror (Isaiah 59:14-63:6)

Lesson 11: A Praying People and A Promise-Keeping God (Isaiah 63:7-66:24)


Series Description

Many women today reach out to false, futile saviors, clinging to things or relationships that are as capable of saving them as sticks floating in the sea. This is tragic, especially because the lifeboat that could secure them to the heaviest anchor is right in front of them.

Perhaps no one has told them that the lifeboat, the Bible, is their very life, because it reveals Jesus Christ, the Anchor of their souls and the One to whom all Scripture points. Only as women are steeped in the Scriptures will women swim in hope, surf waves in security, and stand on shores anchored to the truth.

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  • May 2021
  • 9781601788542