Jonathan Edwards and 21st Century Evangelicalism

William Nichols

International Outreach

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The True Gospel: Jonathan Edwards on Eternal Salvation edited by William C. Nichols. The church at the beginning of the 21st century is saturated with false doctrine. From the lack of preaching on sin, to the diminishing of the doctrine of hell, the omitting of the doctrine of repentance, the preaching of the “repeat the words of this prayer” salvation, the modern gospel is a perversion of the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Commitment to Christ has been dumbed-down to mean nothing more than a one-time repetition of a prayer no matter how the person lives thereafter. There are fifteen sermons in the book with all but one taken from the original handwritten manuscripts of Jonathan Edwards and including commentary by William C. Nichols contrasting the gospel Edwards preached with the false gospel of today. Some of the sermons in the book include: That Wicked Men though for a While They may Seem to Forsake their Sins, Yet if their Natures are Not Changed They will be Very Liable to Return to Them Again; God Is a Consuming Fire; That the Entrance into Eternal Life is a Strait and Narrow Passage; That If we Would be Christ’s Disciples it is Necessary that we should Deny Ourselves; Not Every One that Saith unto me Lord, Lord, Shall Enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, but he that Doth the Will of my Father which is in Heaven; Sudden Conversions Are Very Often False; God Sometimes Punishes Sin by Giving Men Up to Sin; Though a People that Live under Means are Wont in General to Seek and Hope for Salvation yet ’tis the Election Only that Obtain and the Rest are Blinded; ’Tis Greatly to be Desired That We Should Have a Thorough and Not a Slight and Deceitful Cure of Our Spiritual Wound; Persons in Seeking Heaven Should Behave in Like Manner as Resolute Soldiers do in Taking a Country or Kingdom in Which They are Strongly Opposed; God Unalterably Determines the Limits of Every Man’s Life, and more

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  • 422 pages
  • 2018
  • 9781892838384