Journey in the Biblical Parables: A Theological Novel

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Dr. Ira Pointer, the main character of the Journey books, is informed that a certain out-of-town minister is in town, and he s drawing large crowds with his unusual teaching on Jesus parables. Even some of Ira's students from the seminary are going to this man s meetings, and some of them are telling others what a great man of God and preacher he is! So the question becomes, is this man teaching the parables in a biblical manner or is he handling them according to his own desires and beliefs, and for his own benefit? Ira and Dink go one evening to hear him preach. Finding his name to be Gabriel Leviathon a usage of two most unusual biblical names! Ira quickly discerns that he s a false teacher, who uses this parables to benefit himself financially. When he's finished teaching a parable, the lesson usually ends up being to send money to his ministry! This abusive teaching irks Ira and Dink to the depths of their souls. So they begin a quest to expose this false teacher for who he is. Others, of course, get involved, interfere and battle back, and as the story unfolds, some lives are even lost in the strange spiritual battle which follows! But Ira begins preaching his own series on the biblical parables at his church too.