Letters and Lessons of Teddy Roosevelt for His Sons

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Imagine what it would have been like to have had Theodore Roosevelt for a father. Here is a bold adventurer, an insatiable hunter, an audacious politician, and also a daddy who loved to play with toys on the floor of the White House. Roosevelt simply adored his children, four of whom were boys, each of whom he was intent on turning into a man of action. He once commented that his own father was the greatest man he ever knew. His commitment to being the same example for his sons was evident not only in the remarkable globe-trotting adventures on which they accompanied him, but also in the copious letters that he wrote to them, many of which communicated deep truths about manhood, Christianity, and courage. Although the message affected each boy differently, Roosevelt's words are fascinating clues into the life of a man who vigorously sought to balance leadership and fatherhood. In this, our second volume of the 'Profiles in Fatherhood' series, I have collected some of the most interesting letters and lessons from T.R. to his boys as an inspiration to modern fathers to embrace with vigor their charge to raise up manly sons. Edited and Compiled by Doug Phillips.