LIFE OF ROWLAND HILL: The Second Whitefield


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Rowland Hill (1744-1833) was one of the most intriguing and astonishing char acters of early evangelicalism. An independent preacher, he was admired by those who knew him but ridiculed and criticized by his opponents, especially at Cambridge. He had connections with the General Evangelical Society, and helped spread the gospel across Britain. Touted as the second Whitefield, Hill's preaching spread evangelical convictions in an age when rationalism, deism, and enlightenment philosophies were sweeping the nation. Written in a lively and engaging style, The Life of Rowland Hill transports the reader back to a dramatic age of conflict and upheaval. Published in a time when interest in the origins and spread of evangelicalism has gained impetus, this biography will reinstate Hill as a central and compelling figure in the progress of evangelicalism in the age of reason.