Lives of the Puritans

Benjamin Brook

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A Biographical Account of Those Divines Who Distinguished Themselves in the Cause of Religious Liberty from the Reformation under Queen Elizabeth to the Act of Uniformity in 1662

In 1813, Benjamin Brook, a church historian and Congregational minister, published his compilation of biographical sketches and bibliographies of many of the English Puritans. He provides a basic Puritan history of nonconformity from the Reformation to the Act of Uniformity (1662), followed by accounts of more than 450 Puritans. Full of fascinating historical detail and edifying anecdotes, Brooks opens windows through which we may observe divine grace transforming the inner man to walk in the footsteps of Christ. The set has been one of the most sought after and, at the same time, rarest to find on the used book market.

The Lives of the Puritans was first published in 1813 in London for Jack Black. The Soli Deo Gloria edition was first printed in 1994. It is now reprinted in 3 volumes.

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