Ministering Like The Master: Three Messages for Today's Preachers

Stuart Olyott

Banner of Truth

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Christ was not a boring preacher! How wonderful it would be,' says Stuart Olyott in the introduction to Ministering Like the Master, if Christian preachers throughout the world were ministering like their Master!' Drawing on examples of Christ's preaching from the Gospels, Olyott challenges preachers today with three features of their Master's ministry. Christ's style and method were not boring, but gripping. Christ's preaching was evangelistic. Christ's ministry was more than just preaching; his whole life was ministry. In a fresh, compelling and practical way, Olyott guides preachers away from some of the perils and pitfalls that could hinder their success. In so doing, he shows us just how essential Christ's example is to those who seek to minister in his name today. This is a reprint from a title printed in 2003.


90 pages