Mormons Answered Verse By Verse

David A. ReedJohn R. Farkas

Baker Books

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Two young men stand at the door. Their white shirts and conservative haircuts project traditional values. Their manner exudes warmth. They speak of the need for a stronger family and deeper commitment to God. Do these Mormon missionaries represent Christ? If not, how do you evaluate and answer their statements, many of which sound true? Mormons Answered Verse by Verse is ideal for such a moment. Organized for fast reference, it demonstrates why Mormon teachings have led more than 8 million people into a system of beliefs that bears only a surface likeness to Christian faith. David Reed and former Mormon leader John Farkas comment on passages from the Book of Mormon and the Bible to show how the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints redefines words to hide a man-centered, polytheistic theology. This book also explores deeper doctrines and rituals that most Mormons don't understand, making this one of the most comprehensive handbooks on the sect ever prepared.