Opening up Ezekiel (Opening Up)

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What is truth?’ are the words with which Pilate mocked Jesus; and today many people ask the same question. But how do you discern truth in a world flooded with so much information and fake news, and where many deny truth’s very existence? We live in so called post-truth times when appeals to emotion, popular opinion, and personal belief are what define truth rather than objective facts, and the church is not unaffected by all of this. 
Ezekiel addresses a turbulent time in Israel’s history when they had turned their backs on God’s revealed truth; a time when all manner of religious practice was found acceptable because it was popular. The church can learn much from how Ezekiel addresses these issues. 
But more than that, Ezekiel tells of the wonderful future God has for his people in spite of their failings. It is a story of hope to any generation that feels a sense of hopelessness. Ezekiel’s ancient message points us to the truth that Jesus is the only one who can make all things new, and one day that is exactly what he will do when he returns in glory.

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About the author

Andy Oliver comes from Northern Ireland where he ran his own business before entering full-time Christian ministry.   Andy studied theology at the Irish Baptist College. He has a BD and MTh from Queens University Belfast and a PGCE from Cambridge University.   From 1999–2008 Andy was pastor of the Way of Peace Church in Tirana, Albania. During that time he was frequently invited to speak at student meetings in various Albanian universities on behalf of BSKSH (IFES Albania). Since 2009 he has served in the Royal Army Chaplains Department. 
Andy is married to Ela. They have two daughters, Rakela and Emma, and a son, Jack.