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The Christian life is built upon union and communion with God in Jesus Christ. The Bible illustrates this in terms of the most intimate of human relationships: marriage. In the Song of Solomon, we see this beautifully allegorized in a love poem depicting the passionate ever-growing commitment between a bride and her bridegroom. This poem has inspired generations of Christians for a longing for a deeper relationship with Christ. The Puritan John Owen described love as ‘the jewel of human nature which commands a valuation wherever it is found’. The Song of Solomon is a much-valued jewel within the treasury of the Bible, for it pictures the desire and fulfilment of the developing bond between the bride and her bridegroom that will stir the heart of the reader with an equally passionate desire for Christ.


‘I warmly commend this fine commentary, and hope that it will have a wide readership, so that many will come to understand the love that Jesus has for them.’
Clive Anderson, pastor, author and tour guide leader

‘The Christian’s experience should be one of passionate, intimate acquaintance with the Lord Jesus. In making that very clear, this book makes every perceptive reader indebted to its author.’
Roger Ellsworth, pastor and author

About the Author

Jim Winter served as an evangelical pastor in England for over thirty-five years. He has preached and lectured in the UK, USA and South East Asia, and has had a long-standing ministry in Myanmar. He is the author of several Christian books and is currently consultant editor for the Day One ‘Living in a Fallen World’ series. He lives in the south of England.