Paths of Life: Six Months of Bible Reading to Put your Life on the Right Path

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Different paths take us in different directions. Sometimes we think we are on the right path and we are not. The most important path to be on is the one that God has commanded us to be on in His holy Word, the Bible: Repent of your sins, trust in the finished work of Christ on Calvary's crossand live a life to the glory of God. But often times we lose our way, either through frustration, hardships or simply not knowing what God in Christ has promised us. That is why this devotional succeeds where others fail: It gets to heart of what Christ has done and what God expects; it outlines the wonderful promises of God that are yours as a Christian. Are you discouraged? Do you need help in living the Christian life? Have you gotten on the wrong path and lost your way? Read Paths of Life and renew your passion for Christ and the Christian life! Peter Jeffery has spent over fifty years dedicating his life to the Gospel. He is known around the world as a passionate preacher and a compassionate pastor. His biblical wisdom and knowledge comes from deep desire to walk closely with his Lord and to bring that wisdom and knowledge to bear on the lives of other believers. He is the author of over forty books on theology and the Christian life.

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