Preach the Word: Essays on Expository Preaching: In Honor of R. Kent Hughes

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For more than forty years, pastor R. Kent Hughes has shared thegospel with thousands of people and raised the standard ofexpository preaching in North America and beyond. To celebrate his legacy and pay tribute to his years ofministry, fifteen of Hughes's friends and colleagues from acrossthe globe, including J. I. Packer, Wayne Grudem, John MacArthur,Peter Jensen, and D. A. Carson, examine what it means to be anexpository preacher. Among the contributors are professors, auniversity chaplain, a college president, and urban churchplanters living testimonies to Hughes's wide influence. These contributors address an array of themes for theministry-minded, such as interpretive principles and practices,biblical and historical paradigms, expository preaching'scontemporary aims and challenges, and the priority of training-allin the expectation that this one man's passion to preach the Wordfaithfully will enhance the understanding and practice ofexpository preaching in churches and seminaries around the world.This book will also inspire and prepare you to make the pulpit theprow of your ministry and influence the generations to come.

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  • August 31, 2011
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