Reformed Dogmatics Single Volume Edition

Geehardus Vos

Lexham Press

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A foundational work of Reformed theology, now in one volume.

Geerhardus Vos’s Reformed Dogmatics represents the early theological thought of one of the premier Reformed thinkers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Originally self-published in 1896 under the title Gereformeerde Dogmatiek, Vos’s five volumes were not available in English until more than a century after their original publication.

Now, this new edition brings together all five volumes of the English translation of Reformed Dogmatics:

Volume 1: Theology Proper
Volume 2: Anthropology
Volume 3: Christology
Volume 4: Soteriology
Volume 5: Ecclesiology, The Means of Grace, Eschatology

Vos is perhaps best known to English speakers for his books Pauline Eschatology (1930) and Biblical Theology: Old and New Testaments (1948). His strong grounding in biblical scholarship and biblical theology gives Reformed Dogmatics a unique, fresh, biblical perspective. Although this work is systematic in nature, Vos brings the skills and acumen of a biblical theologian to the task


1274 pages