Romans & Ransoms (Syding Adventures - Book 4)

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Will Kayla's father give in to the kidnappers demands and pay the high price for her release - not just money, but betraying his country? One of the children from Much Syding school finds herself in a terrible situation, but through it she learns about the Good Shepherd who cares for his sheep. Meanwhile the archaeologists uncover the roman remains and something else beside.

  • Paperback
  • © 2014
  • ISBN 9781846253676

About the Author

Mary Weeks Millard began writing after she was widowed in 2000. She remarried Rev. Malcolm Millard and they live in retirement, in Weymouth. Mary has three married children and five grandchildren. For the past ten years she has been involved in short term missionary work in Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi using her nursing and health education skills. After many years of involvement in Sunday school and Bible Class teaching she now enjoys writing books to encourage young people to grow in the Christian faith.