Shepherd's Toolbox

Timothy Witmer

P & R Publishing

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In The Shepherd Leader, pastor and professor Timothy Witmer laid out seven elements of an effective shepherding plan, showing church leaders how to minister to their congregations in practical, pastoral ways.

Now, in this standalone but complementary volume, he gathers seven church leaders to show how they and their churches have addressed specific shepherding challenges in innovative ways. How do you adapt a shepherding plan to a large congregation? How do you fine-tune or revise plans that aren’t working? How do pastors get elders on board? How do leaders make sure the women of the congregation are receiving adequate care? John Barrett, Mark Hallock, Sue Harris, Ken Jones, Bijan Mirtolooi, Randy Schlichting, and Gary Smith contribute, and chapters by Witmer open and close the volume. 


147 pages

June 2023