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The more we understand the wonders of God's creation, and in particular how enormous and beautiful the cosmos is, the more we appreciate how great our God is. So science and faith complement each other. Indeed someone once said 'a scientist is someone who thinks God's thoughts after Him'. This was certainly true of the great physicist and astronomer, Isaac Newton, a man who venerated the biblical account of creation, who discovered God's Law of Gravity, which is what holds the whole universe together.

Why is the universe so awe-inspiring? Because it reflects the majesty of God on the one hand and, on the other, puts man in his place. 'What is man?' the Psalmist asks, whose whole history has been carried out on just one tiny speck in the vast regions of space. Yet God's glory is magnified because He cared so much about that tiny speck that He visited it and died for it in the person of the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.

About the Author:

Keith McCullough, the author, is a retired school teacher and has written several other books.

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