Spiritual Refining Volume 3

Anthony Burgess

International Outreach

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Spiritual Refining: The Anatomy of True and False Conversion, Volume 3, by Anthony Burgess is a classic work on true and false conversion, regeneration, signs of true and false grace, and assurance of salvation. Originally published in 1652. Volume 3 contains the final 60 sermons from the original work. Some of the sermons include: The Gospel Feast, and who Are welcome Guests, and who Not; Church Privileges No Sign of Grace; Zeal and Diligence in False Worship No Ground of Comfort; Characters and Properties of a Gracious Man; Of the counterfeit of inherent Grace, viz. Natural honesty, and why God hath continued in wicked men the use of Conscience; Of the washing and cleansing of a Sinner; Of the Order and Method that God takes in our Conversion, causing us to walk in his Statutes, opposite to the Doctrine of Pelagians, Papists, Arminians, and Moral Philosophy and over fifty more.
Burgess wrote: “We pity those deluded mad men, who are persuaded they are such great persons, and have such large estates, when in the meantime they lie miserable and naked, bound up in chains in a dark dungeon; such a spiritual madness is upon most, who never searched to the bottom of all that filthiness which is in them, and thereupon call themselves grapes and figs when they are thorns and thistles.”


492 pages