Surprising Work of God

Jonathan Edwards

Whitaker House

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Thousands of hearts transformed, daily miracles and revelations, an entire town experiencing insuppressible joy at the mention of Jesus' name. Do you think it's impossible? It has happened before and it can happen again. Here, Jonathan Edwards outlines the miraculous events of the Great Awakening. Learn how revival can start in one town and spread like wildfire to an entire country. See, also, how people are convicted of sin and prompted to accept Christ, opening the way for glorious events in their lives. This is not just the history of one revival. It is a powerful account of the Holy Spirit's working in people's lives. Is the Holy Spirit calling you to the same sort o f revival in your heart? Learn how you can... * Find the source of truth spiritual healing * Witness the untapped, lifechanging power of the Holy Spirit * Walk with confidence, assured of your salvation * Surrender all your cares and lean on only God's provision * Discern and understand the Spirit's leading As you grow closer to God, anticipate His surprising work in your life. Let God move in your life