The Five Points of Amillennialism

Jeff Johnson

Free Grace Press

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Simple, Succinct, and Scriptural Presentation of the End Times

Amillennialism is not hard to understand. You don’t need a chart to direct you through a complex maze of proof texts. To understand amillennialism, all you need to know are five simple points.

Discussions about the end times too often get stuck on what to do with individual pieces of the puzzle. Jeff Johnson helps us to step back and see the big picture that the Bible paints of God’s plan for human history. As a result, we can see clearly that God fulfills his promises to Abraham, Israel, and David in his blessings upon Jesus Christ and the people in union with Him—Jew or Gentile, now and forever. That is what amillennialism teaches. And when you see the big picture, it is much easier to fit the individual pieces into place.

—Joel R. Beeke



130 pages