Thirty Sparkling Gems

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The Bible is full of promises: promises made by one man to another, promises made by man to God, and even promises made by the devil. However, the Bible’s main emphasis is on the hundreds of promises made by God to man, and that is the focus of this book. The Bible is like a treasure chest, and each promise of God is like a sparkling gem contained therein. Peter Currie has collected together thirty of these ‘sparkling gems’ dealing with subjects such as salvation, friendship with God, daily strength, guidance and the Second Coming. Each meditation is quick to read, yet deep enough to give you something to think about throughout the day.


‘These precious promises of God will provide help, strength, assurance and much joy as we remember all that the Lord has done for His children.’
Stuart Davis, Senior Pastor, Trinity Road Chapel, London

About the Author

Peter Currie describes himself as only a sinner saved by grace. He spent twenty years working with an insurance company before becoming part of a team producing computer software for insurance companies worldwide. During this time, he also served as a leader of a Crusader Bible class for boys. Now, he serves as a deacon of Trinity Road Chapel, London.