Time for Favour - Release date July 2024

John Stuart Ross

Christian Focus Publications

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In the middle of the nineteenth century, God began to lay on the hearts of his people in the Church of Scotland a concern for the evangelisation of the Jews. The response resulted in a quarter of a million eastern European Jews finding salvation in their Messiah in the second half of the same century.


John Stuart Ross, author of The Power and the Glory: John Ross and the Evangelisation of Manchuria and Korea, brings his thorough research and engrossing writing style once more to this fascinating story.

Time for Favour features some of the most remarkable figures in the history of missions – an archetypal eccentric absent–minded professor, a group of dedicated young ministers full of romantic ideas about the Holy Land and the Jews, head–strong and sometimes morally weak missionaries. Here you will read the story of fallible but heroic men and women who were prepared to forsake everything, even their lives, because they believed that God was far from finished with the Jewish people.


376 pages

July 2024