Toxic War on Masculinity

Nancy Pearcey

Baker Books

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Bestselling author and cultural commentator explores the history of masculinity, the rise of the "toxic masculinity" conversation, and the paradigm-shifting sociological evidence showing that Christianity provides a better blueprint--and better real-world outcomes--when it comes to solving the problem of toxic behavior in men.

"Why Can't We Hate Men?" asks a headline in the Washington Post. A trendy hashtag is #KillAllMen. Books are sold titled I Hate Men, The End of Men, and Are Men Necessary? How did the idea arise that masculinity is dangerous and destructive? Bestselling author Nancy Pearcey leads you on a fascinating excursion through American history to discover why the script for masculinity turned toxic--and how to fix it.

Pearcey explains how religion is often cast as a cause of domestic abuse. But research shows that authentically committed Christian men test out as the most loving and engaged husbands and fathers. They have the lowest rates of divorce and domestic violence of any group in America.

Yes, domestic abuse is an urgent issue, and Pearcey does not mince words in addressing it. But the sociological facts explode the negative stereotypes and show that Christianity has the power to overcome toxic behavior in men and reconcile the sexes--an unexpected finding that has stood up to rigorous empirical testing.


344 pages