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In addition to Petra, Jordan's deservedly its most famous site, the incomparable desert vistas of Wadi Rum, the sub-tropical valley corridor and Gilead's wooded limestone uplands equally leave the visitor in amazement. With access to the Red and Dead Seas, a visitor can experience the full range of the Jordanian biblical landscape. Roman urban life in the East at the time of Christ is here, as are sites shedding light on Old Testament peoples like the Ammonites. Travel through Jordan aims to relate both well-known and little known sites to the scriptural background in which they belong.

About the Author:

Edward Dawson studied at All Nations Christian College and has an MTh in Church History from Kings College London. He has taught for some years at Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary, including a course on the Biblical Geography of Jordan and Syria. He has been visiting sites in Jordan associated with the Bible for over 20 years and is currently resident in Jordan.

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