Travelling the World as Citizens of Heaven

Stephen Liggins

Matthias Media

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God's world is an amazing place. It boasts an incredible diversity of people, places, cultures, wildlife, and landscapes. And these days more and more people are heading off to travel or live overseas to experience it. But as we walk through the airport on our way to becoming citizens of the world, is there anything that marks Christians out as different? What does it mean to travel the world as people whom the apostle Paul describes as 'citizens of heaven' (Phil 3:20)? How can we plan ahead to make our time overseas a positive rather than a negative for our spiritual life? Author, pastor and experienced traveller, Stephen Liggins is your guide to thinking wisely and biblically about the what, why and how of overseas travel as a Christian. Travelling the World as Citizens of Heaven is a must-read for just about any believer with a passport.