When I Don't Desire God DVD

audioJohn Piper


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Six 30-minute DVD sessions with John Piper instruct groups in obtaining proper affections for God so that they will fight to find their delight in Christ.

There are plenty of people who insist that the command to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind doesn't really obligate us to enjoy God above all things. "Joy and delight are emotions," they say, "and this kind of love must simply be a decision of the will, not a feeling."

Yet as John Piper teaches in this DVD and its companion When I Don't Desire God Study Guide, emotions are commanded everywhere in Scripture. They're not just instructions to think a certain way but to feel a certain way. So loving God above all else is not merely about our actions but about our hearts.

Though we don't have complete control of our emotions, eternity hangs on the presence of proper affections for God. Therefore, the fight for joy is not optional. It is essential.

Designed to be used in a guided group study, each 30-minute DVD teaching of Piper's will serve as a tool to help Sunday school teachers, small group leaders, retreat speakers, and parents to bolster their members in the all-important fight for jo