While the Bridgroom Tarries

R.B. Kuiper

Banner of Truth

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Living in the light of Christ's return is the duty of every generation of Christians. But, as Christ's parable in Matthew 25: 1-13 warns us, all face the danger of falling asleep on watch: 'While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept' (Matt. 25:5). For the reason, everything calculated to keep us spiritually awake should be prized. R.B. Kuiper's sermons reprinted in this volume were intended to help Christians live in readiness for Christ's coming. Preached just after the First World War, at a time of consideralble optimism for human progress, as well, as intense speculation about the 'signs of the times', they bear strong and forthright testimony against the dangers of theological modernism and other antichristian ideas, and for the supernaturalism of faith. They are a call for the preaching of the gospel to all nations and an eloquent appeal for Christian activity 'while the bridegroom tarries'. Here is a timely reminder that wars and disasters here below point to the onward march of the purposes of God and bring us ever nearer to the great consummation of all Christian hopes.