Why I Am a Christian

Kent Philpott

Evangelical Press

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'Given all the barriers and obstacles that stood in my way I am surprised I became a Christian at all. There were so many hindrances that, thinking of them now, I am amazed afresh that I was ever converted.' From this starting point Kent Philpott deals with the vital and pertinent questions of why and how we become Christians. Pointing us to the mercy, grace and divine sovereignty of God through every trial and difficulty on a Christian's road to salvation he answers such questions as 'Is life just a gamble?' 'Is sin a disease?' 'What is happening to hell?' In so doing he takes us through the often painful journey of conviction, repentance and conversion to a saving faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, showing how it was God himself who removed the obstacles and overcame the problems that kept us from him. The book is divided into short, concise chapters and is written in a clear and contemporary style. The author draws from his own personal experience of salvation, highlighting problems that all of us face today and our need for a total dependence on God in dealing with them throughout the Christian life.

127 pages
© 2002
ISBN 9780852345016