Why Worry? (Resources For Changing Lives)

Robert D. Jones

P & R Publishing

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WORRY. ANXIETY. PANIC. Does any problem hamper our lives more? It plagues us daily, draining our joy and exhausting our energy. It springs up suddenly, clouding our thinking and wrecking our relationships. Most of us have come to accept it, and even expect it . . . but do we have to? Biblical counselor Robert Jones brings hope for this common problem by demonstrating that it's also a solvable problem. Exploring the words of Jesus himself in the Sermon on the Mount, he shows us both what worry is and how we can overcome it, and also shares the encouraging stories of two fellow worriers who found comfort from their anxiety. At its core, worry shows us what we worship and believe in. Here is help to move your focus off the anxieties of your life and back onto God.

  • Booklet
  • 28 pages
  • 2018
  • 9781629953717