New Analytical Greek Lexicon

Wesley Perschbacher

Hendrickson Publishers

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Since its publication in 1852, George Wigram's Analytical Greek Lexicon has gone through a host of revisions and titles as succeeding generations of Greek scholars have sought to improve on it. Unfortunately, none of those revisions fully corrected the troublesome parts that frustrate modern users: some entries are incompletely parsed, others incorrectly identify the lexical form, others are inconsistent in identifying forms, and still others are out of alphabetical order. In The New Analytical Greek Lexicon, every entry has been rechecked and revised. In addition to correcting the problems mentioned above, other improvements include: misspellings have been corrected; unnecessary duplicate entries have been removed; textual variants and alternative readings have been noted and identified; New Testament references have been added for similar and identical forms having two or more parsings; references to the numbering used in Strong's concordance have been added to facilitate study and cross-referencing for the less technical user; and the introductory grammar section has been updated.

  • Hardcover
  • 449 pages
  • 2006
  • 9780943575339