N is for Noah: Trusting God and His Promises

New Leaf Press

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The account of the ark, the Flood, and the man of faith at the heart of this biblical adventure told in informative rhyming verse! Develops skills like memorization and comprehension while creating a strong biblical foundation. Helps reinforce a child's understanding of the true history of Noah, the ark, and the great Flood. Includes helps on how to present important Christian concepts to children and to enhance their understanding. A new addition joins this beloved series of biblically-based classics from author Ken Ham. Using rhyme to present the memorable account, N is for Noah provides structured learning enhanced with important words, biblical concepts, and verses. The easel-book format makes it easy to teach, with text for the child on one side and detailed information for the parent or educator on the back. With colorful illustrations and a delightful rhyme, the book is sure to be a favorite for every child!