Elaine Townsend: At Home Around the World (Trailblazers)

Simona Gorton

Christian Focus Publications

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Elaine Townsend was a bright young thing in 1930’s Chicago. Despite struggles and family heartache Elaine was full of energy and enterprise. She once won an award for being ‘The Best Protestant’ and as a result was given an amazing prize which enabled her to go on a round the world trip. This was a unique experience but one that she would continue to do in later life after she had come to faith in Christ. However, it wouldn’t be trips and luxury travel – rather the hard work and sacrifice of missionary endeavour. When she became a Wycliffe missionary and Cameron Townsend’s wife Elaine discovered how adventurous life can be when you simply say yes to God. It was as though being God’s servant meant that the whole world was her home.

Read Myself: 8–11


  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • 2022
  • 9781527107328