William Carey Expect Great Things (Trailblazers)

Linda Finlayson

Christian Focus Publications

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Coming from a working class background you might not have expected William Carey to impact the world but God had other plans. William was an inquisitive child and keenly interested in the natural world around him. He was bright and intelligent enough to teach himself Latin and Greek. However, where young boys from wealthy families benefited from a university education William was apprenticed to a local shoemaker.


In his adult life Carey fulfilled many different roles such as husband, father and schoolmaster. He was also a preacher and pastor for the Baptist denomination and had a great passion to bring the gospel to other lands. He was one of the key individuals in 1792 to form The Baptist Missionary Society.


William Carey then left the United Kingdom with his family to take the good news of Jesus Christ to the land of India.  There he used his linguistic talents to translate the Bible into many Indian languages including Bengali, Hindi and Sanskrit.


This book will introduce you to a young lad who learned to make shoes but who also became the father of today’s missionary movement. William Carey knew that we should expect great things from God and attempt great things for God.


125 pages

May 2022